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These are the pictures taken by a couple of friends and myself of Concorde's last moments in the air. When it comes to cars we all want Ferraris but sadly it seems that as far as flying is concerned we're happier with double decker buses.

Click on the image to enlarge
Click on the image to enlarge

First sight
Concorde over Weston-Super-Mare
Turning over the Bristol Channel
Outbound over Weston-Super-Mare
Overhead Filton
Final approach
The last touchdown
Brakes on
Heading home
Taxing to the standing
Engines off
Everybody off
Off to the Museum

I first saw Concorde when I was 8 (4th March 1976), I went on a school trip to see G-BSST 002 (above) land at the Fleet Air Arm Museum in Yeovilton. I've seen Concorde a few times since, in the air and at taking off from Heathrow. The ones that remain in the museums will be harder to spot with other exhibits crowding them. It's hard to appreciate the long flowing lines when your 10 feet away from them. I'm certainly going to miss my windows rattling at 9.30 every night.

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